BENTO: A Visual Platform for Building Clinical NLP Pipelines Based on CodaLab

CodaLab is an open-source web-based plat- form for collaborative computational research. Please visit our demo webpage for more infomration.

emr simplifier logo             Patient access to physicians' notes has the potential to improve understanding, medication adherence and healthcare outcomes. However, EHR notes contain medical jargon that may be difficult for patients to comprehend. To improve patients’ EHR note comprehension, we have developed NoteAid, a biomedical natural language processing system which translates medical jargon into consumer-oriented lay language.


ADE Repository Home             NLP tools (AERSADE and EMRADE) that identify Medication and Adverse Event from the FDA AERS narratives and EMR discharge summaries respectively.


AnnocounementNLP Challenges for Detecting Medication and Adverse Drug Events from Electronic Health Records (MADE1.0)

figure search logo             Biomedical Figure Search is a search engine which finds figures based on the caption.


askHermes header             Physicians and healthcare providers have many questions when seeing patients and there is limited time and resources to search for answers to these questions. AskHERMES is a computational system that uses natural language processing approaches to automatically analyze large sets of documents pertaining to specific questions and generates short text from them as output. 


bionot logo

            BioNOT is a searchable database of negated biomedical sentences (1). It consists of more than 58 million negated sentences from over 500 million indexed sentences and was built using the open source negation scope detection alorithm, NegScope (2).


biorover logo             BioRover extracts relationship between genes, diseases and species from over 600 million sentences. These sentences are obtained from mover 20 million published articles.