• Jinying Chen became Assistant Professor at UMass Medical School

  • John Lalor accepted tenure track Assistant Professor position at University of Notre Dame

Topics: Foundations and Methods in Digital Health


Course Schedule


01/28 Introduction Hong Yu
02/04 Ontology + UMLS Hong Yu
02/11 Lab (MIMIC data practice) Weisong Liu
02/25 Information Retrieval + Lab (Lucene) Weisong Liu
03/04 Project 1: Lab (Lucene) Weisong Liu
03/18 Lab (Stanford core - NLP) Fei Li
03/25 Lab (Pytorch) Fei Li
04/01 Recurrent  Neural Network and Sequence Prediction Hong Yu
04/22 Project 2 (Named Entity Recognition) Fei Li
04/29 Project 2 (Named Entity Recognition) Fei Li
05/06 Project 3 (Sequence Prediction) Fei Li
05/13 Project 3 (Sequence Prediction0 Fei Li