emr simplifier logo             Patient access to physicians' notes has the potential to improve understanding, medication adherence and healthcare outcomes. However, EHR notes contain medical jargon that may be difficult for patients to comprehend. To improve patients’ EHR note comprehension, we have developed NoteAid, a biomedical natural language processing system which translates medical jargon into consumer-oriented lay language.




NoteAid helps patients comprehend their electronic health record notes by linking clinical jargon to corresponding terms, definitions and other related patient education materials. There are four NoteAid simplifying systems available using different underlying resources:

UMLS         Unified Medical Language System (UMLS), a biomedical terminology and classification system

Wiki                  Wikipedia (Wiki), a web-based open source encyclopedia

NotesAid         NoteAid, a hybrid system that integrates UMLS, Wikipedia and MedLine

translate   Spanish dictionary for translation.