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Job Title: Computational Linguistics Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Location:Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Description: We are recruiting for multiple positions to participate research development in biomedical natural language processing (NLP) and biomedical informatics. The group’s research ( involves developing NLP and text mining approaches for gathering, analyzing and interpreting heterogeneous data from multiple text sources, including social media, literature, textbooks, and electronic health records. Recruits will develop deep learning, reinforcement learning and other machine learning approaches for big data analysis.

Requirements:PhD in Computer Science, Computational Linguistics or Biomedical Informatics with expertise in natural language processing, machine learning or information retrieval with excellent writing and communication skills and ability to work with the research team.

Application: If you are highly motivated and passionate about research in big data research, please contact Elaine Freund ( with your resume or CV and a cover letter.






Job Title: Research Assistant/Internship in Biomedical Informatics

Summer Internship (with possibility of extension)

Unpaid, Academic Credit is Required

Hours per week: 10 - 40

On/Off Campus: Off Campus – Worcester, MA – must be able to be onsite 1 to 2 days/week

The BioNLP group at UMass Medical School is seeking a research assistant (full-time or part-time; starting from May or June; 2~3 months with possibility to extend) to join our cutting-edge application-oriented research in biomedical natural language processing (NLP) and biomedical informatics. Ideal candidates for this position can carry out at least one of the essential duties and other occasional duties. Exceptional candidates will have opportunities to participate in publishable work.

Essential Duties:

  • Train/test/develop/apply machine learning and natural language processing tools for biomedical text mining
  • Build software (web service and standalone tools) to work with biomedical researchers and healthcare providers and systems
  • Collect and develop tools for text data pre-processing (e.g. parsing XML files, converting format between text data files)
  • Collect and integrate biomedical knowledge bases (using mysql)

Other Duties (occasional):

  • Assist literature review on biomedical informatics
  • Assist preparing research report and presentations (e.g., creating figures, tables, reference lists etc.)


  • College students or higher degrees in computer science or related field
  • Solid programming skills in Java, Python, Perl or C++
  • Proficient in Unix/Linux environment, data structures, distributed computing , data storage
  • Experience in machine learning and natural language processing is a plus
  • Experience with MySQL programming is a plus
  • Experience with MATLAB is a plus
  • Ability to work independently with minimum supervision
  • Results oriented and able to meet deadlines and targets
  • Capable to establish and foster healthy working relationships with people across all levels
  • Excellent communication skills

Application: Applicants please email <> with a 1~2 page resume including a list of relevant projects, coursework and grades (official transcript not required). Applicants are encouraged to include a 1-page cover letter to briefly state your background, knowledge and skills that are directly related to the job duties.