Chrome 42 disabled Java plugin by default. Please use Internet Explorer. 

Recent Java releases have issues automatically accepting site certificates from UmassMed. If you see one of these error messages, please follow the instructions below to solve the problem.  

1. Download a UMassMed site certificate from here save it your local hard drive. Close all browser windows.


  a. On Windows 8, click the Windows key on the keyboard. Enter "java" and select the "Configure Java" program from the search result.

  b. On Windows 7, go to "Control Panel" and run the Java Configuration program:

3. In the "Java Control Panel" program, go to the "Security" tab. Click the "Edit Site List" button and enter "" into the list. Click "Manage Certificates" button and continute with Step 4.


4. Change "Certificate Type" to "Secure Site", then click the "Import" button.  Select the certificate file that downloaded in Step 1 and import it.


5. Go to and proceed with your normal login. If you are using Internet Exporer, SSLVPN should work now. If you are using Chrome or FireFox, you may need to do what Step 6 suggests.

6. For browsers other than Internet Explorer, check the checkbox and click "Run" when you see the following dialog: