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UMass Data Science Seminar is for everyone who is either interested or experienced in the methods and application of machine learning in data science. We want to build a community of data science researchers and practioners in Umass Lowell that can share knowledge, projects, and experience. Our events usually take place on North Campus of UMass LowellWednesday and include two parts: a lecture focusing on topics in deep learning at 3:30-4:40pm; and a sminar talk by invited speaker at 5:00-6:20pm. If you would like to present at the seminar, please email one of the organizers: Hong YuYonghao Jin.


Fall 2018 Speaker List

2019-09-11 Kun Chen, University of Connecticut    
2019-09-18 Byron Wallace, Northeastern University
A Sensitivity Analysis of (and Practitioners’ Guide to) ConvolutionalNeural Networks for Sentence Classification   
2019-09-25 Madalina Fiterau, UMass Amherst Deep neural decision forests   
2019-10-02 Mohit Iyyer, UMass Amherst  Deep contextualized word representations   
2019-10-16 Stephen Bach, Brown University Hinge-loss Markov random fields and probabilistic soft logic   
2019-10-23 Rocco Anthony Servedio, Columbia University  Learning k-Modal Distributions via Testing   
2019-10-30 Zak Kohane, Harvard University The electronic medical records and genomics (eMERGE) network: past, present, and future   
2019-11-06 Fei Wang, Cornell University Deep learning for healthcare: review, opportunities and challenges   
2019-11-13 Salil Vadhan, Harvard University  The complexity of differential privacy